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January 27, 2009

SocialWebCMS and New Shakk.Us

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There were many things going on behind the scene to Shakk.Us users and opensource Digg Clone . Many core developers had left the pligg and started a new project (Yet Another Digg Clone – YADC) and later renamed to SocialWebCMS.


Shakk.Us had been a heaven for spammers for the past, after some thorough investigation and pain in the migration, had taken steps forward and upgraded to the latest release of the SocialWebCMS (version 1.1).  Hopefully, this could reduce spam and provides a more pleasure surfing experience to our users.

The upgrades is almost transparent to our users as we migrates all of our databases to the new structure except user avatars which is seemingly different in the latest version.


October 5, 2008

Internet Meme

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Every once in a while, there will be yet another catch phrase pop up out of middle of nowhere. For example, the Lolcatz, “You the man now dog!”, rickrolling, pokemon,  the fat kid is everywhere, china’s backdorm boy, numa numa lip sync etc. 

Lolcatz, is the most popular among others due to the love of cats that hide beneath the gene of all human kind (some claimed to be differ but they just haven’t discovered their true self yet), even if you alergy to cat, you’ll rather die for it! lolcats has lead to the grooming of websites like icanhascheezburger (CAUTION! pop up window due to highly addictive, you might obcessed by catz and forgotten to come back).

Rickrolling, like l*m*np*rty, XgirlYcup, goatse, only softer, SFW version of internet shock site like that involved posting link disguise as geniune information link, e.g. answering to somebody’s question in forum, bulletin board, IRC etc, which lead to the music video of Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which involves Rick.. and rolling of course. 

All these internet memes, often popularized by some internet forum/image board (e.g. 4chan, Malaysia Image Board), due to its large number of user base and funny/straight to the point pictures of course. 

Nowadays, internet memes is used as a viral marketing agent in the internet, due to its wide spreadness. 

Do you know what’s the next internet meme that’s going to be popular? Leave your comment.

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August 4, 2008

Brilliant Use Google Map – Real Estate

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Mealty for Map Realty is one such beautiful idea I see using Google Map where it should be used, to find real estate property!

Unlike online classified board, Mealty let users find their desired property right down their finger tips with their desired location. Remember location is still the primary criteria when searching for your desire home? Or perhaps near your work place, school, office etc.

Below is excerpt from

Mealty is a real estate property classifieds that aim to be ease of use, location centric and the most user friendly online real estate classifieds.
My primary goal is to let users look for what they want in their location from map rather than sorting through huge amount of tabular data in a conventional online classifieds site

Mealty is still in their early stage of development and some functionality is still broken. Given time it will become a great Web2.0 startups.

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